Road King Special - Part 2: Making Mundane Memorable

I got a ride in on the Road King Special today – doing errands. Having a bike like this makes even the most mundane of chores a pleasure. 

I went to the sound shop to pick up a microphone doohickie and collected some groceries on the way home. 

The interesting take-away however was how surprisingly nimble the bike is around town. 

On one roundabout enroute, over the crest of a hill, I found myself on the same line as a sunken manhole cover, but with a quick flick of the bars and a little weight transfer I skirted it easily … pleasurably. 

“So chuckable” I thought to myself. Side-to-side manoeuvres entering and exiting roundabouts and intersections are equally enjoyable. It’s just a pleasure to be aboard. The bars work well for (mini) apes too. 

Having the big panniers to carry the proceeds of said commerce are also a big plus.

I’m currently working on tomorrow’s excuse to ride it again.

I may have to go to Noosa to get bread.

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