117 Cube Dyna Low Rider S

After falling in lust with the Low Rider S, Dave finds Morgan & Wacker have made a good thing even better.

“The bike is a new 2016 Dyna Low Rider S. It’s a sensational bike to begin with but we set out to make it phenomenal, so we added a Factory 117 Cube kit, exhaust system and suspension upgrade.” began Paul Lewis, the Dealer Principal at Morgan & Wacker H-D in Brisbane.

“We were keen to see if we could produce the same sort of horsepower that we developed in the ‘Mountain Mauler 120R’ – the bike you recently featured in HEAVY DUTY. Well … we did. In fact it’s even stronger. The peak output from the 117 Cube is 122 rear wheel horsepower at 5750 rpm on our Dyno. It’s also worth pointing out that our Dyno is calibrated for accuracy, not egos” Paul continued. “Really, power is on par with the 120R, but the good news is that is develops a whopping 127ft lbs of torque between three and four thousand RPM (more that the 120R) and if anything it’s more ‘rideable’ – as you know.”

I ‘knew’ because before we sat down to discuss the build he threw me the security fob and said, “Enjoy this, Dave”. I spent a couple of glorious hours hammering it on the various Brisbane Freeway on-ramps, around the airport drive, cross-town tunnels and a loop along Sandgate Road back to the shop – and returned absolutely beaming.

If you check out the test in last month’s Mag, you’ll see that we (Brum rode one too) were already gushing about the ability of the ‘S’ in standard trim. I’ve been flirting with the ‘best stock big-block ever’ epithet since day one, but this build really takes it to a whole new level.

It’s quite frankly … sick. I didn’t get a chance to fully tap it out because it’s that quick – way too fast to give it the full noise on a public road kind-of-fast. The front wheel lifts and the rear breaks traction, like a late model sports bike, if you really give it a handful, and it happens right through the mid range. But what I thought was even more remarkable is that the big hammer doesn’t come at the expense of ‘ride-ability’. It will still chug along happily at 60kph in top gear and remains as eminently tractable as the stock 110, but then, when you do wind it on … well … ‘fark me’ I thought to myself more than once as I gave it the business. It’s a thing of beauty.

The engine’s higher performance is enhanced by a great looking stainless steel Bassani exhaust system that is as loud as it is proud. Where the standard engine and exhaust system starts to ‘run out of breath’, the 117 really pulls and it keeps on pulling.

Then, when you do come to a corner the upgraded Gazi shocks have raised the rear another one and a half inches to aid cornering clearance. The stock emulsion shocks did a surprisingly good job considering they only offered two-and-a-bit inches of travel. The Gazis have a remote reservoir and are fully adjustable for pre-load, damping and rebound and are a worthwhile addition. Paul noted “They take away some of that cool ‘slammed’ rear end look, but this is ultimately a performance bike. We also fettled the standard cartridge forks to get the best out of them too.”

The performance really starts with the 117 Cube Kit. We pulled one from stock and opened it up in the workshop. It was typical Screamin’ Eagle – very well sorted. It features bolt-on 4.125" cylinders engineered with high strength slim-wall spigots that slip into the 110 crankcase without any additional machining. The matching flat top pistons and rings team with the stock cylinder heads to produce a 9.9:1 compression ratio while the high-lift SE-259E cam produces the boost in torque throughout the RPM range. The new 58mm Throttle Body and High Flow Fuel Injectors feed the beast perfectly. On the test ride there was some popping on deceleration but it is minimal. When on the gas however, it is joyous. Perfect-Fit Pushrods, High-Capacity Roller Tappets, Inner Cam Bearing, Top End & Cam Cover Gasket - even the Emissions Label is included to complete the kit. An ECM calibration download or Screamin' Eagle Street Tuner Kit are also required.

“We have the kits in stock and can turn the build around quickly for anyone interested” Paul continued, before I followed him out for a quick photo session on the bike.

If you aren’t familiar with Paul Lewis’ pedigree, do a quick Goggle search. He won a gazillion Australian Road Racing championships and went to all the big dances, including Daytona and a top 10 season in the 500GP’s. It’s the old adage: you can take the bloke out of the Grand Prix but you can’t take the GP out of Paul. “The 120R and this build are testament to the sort of bikes I like: big, powerful twins.”

As I watched him make it hop and squirm and step the rear out on exits it really brought home the capability of the machine.

“It has great power, excellent brakes, a terrific chassis, nice narrow tyres for excellent cornering, awesome performance and every day ride-ability thanks to the work of Luke Spence and Glen Riley and the time they spent with the machine on our Dyno. That said – with 127 ft lbs of torque and 120 Horsepower on tap it ‘can get away from you’ - so we recommend this kit for experienced riders only. It’s also worth noting that this bike only has 300km on the build – so we would expect the numbers to improve as the engine loosens up.”

If you are lucky enough to already own a 110 cube Harley (and it only fits a 110), the kit will set you back $2950. A Super Tuner is $645. The Bassani R/Rage 111 Stainless Exhaust System is $1,395 and the Gazi Hyper X Shocks are $780.

Alternatively, Morgan & Wacker are taking orders to supply the Low Rider ‘YES!’ in completed form – with 117 kit, pipe, suspension work and dyno run as a turn-key project for $32,990. For more info Give Paul Lewis a call on (07) 3606 8888.

‘Yes’ indeed.


Make H-D
Model FXDLS Low Rider S

Type Air-cooled, Twin Cam 110
Capacity 1917 cc (117 cu. in.)
Bore 104.8
Stroke 111.1
Compression 9.9:1
Carburetion 58mm Throttle body Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Air cleaner Heavy Breather intake with black covers, fiberglass media, washable exposed element with rain sock
Exhaust The Bassani R/Rage 111 Stainless Exhaust System

Type 6-Speed Cruise Drive
Clutch Mechanically actuated, 9-plate, wet,
with high-performance spring
Primary drive Chain, 34/46 ratio
Rear drive Belt, 32/66 ratio

F rim 19 in. x 2.5 in. (483 mm x 64 mm)
R rim 17 in. x 4.5 in. (432 mm x 114 mm)
F tyre Michelin Scorcher 160/17
R tyre Michelin Scorcher 100/19

F brake 300 mm x 5.1 mm 4-piston fixed with floating uniform expansion rotors
R brake 292 mm x 5.8 mm 2-piston torque-free floating

Model Dyna
Rake 30.5°
Trail 128.3 mm

Front Premium ride, single cartridge,
49 mm diameter
Trees black powder-coated aluminum
fork triple clamp
Rear Gazi Hyper X Shocks Seat Solo

CONTROLS – all H-D stock


F guard
R guard
Fuel tank
Oil tank