2018 Indian Springfield Images

Indian Springfield

Big thanks to the team at Indian Brisbane for the loan of a beautiful Springfield for the ride out to Scotty’s Garage.
I was on a job photographing a few very interesting bikes for Heavy Duty #162 and the Springfield made the trek out west VERY enjoyable - particularly as it was into the teeth of a 40+kph westerly all the way.
It was a case of sitting back in lounge-chair comfort, dialling in the cruise control and hunkering down behind the big touring screen to roll away the Warrego Highway in style - out to the foot of the Toowoomba Hills.
From there it was through some backcountry to Flagstaff Creek and the big rig ate that up very tidily too.
The Springfield is my favourite Indian motorcycle. It has the quick steering geometry of the Chieftain, it’s stable, yet remarkably nimble for such a big unit and it has good cornering clearance. The 111cube engine is a peach and with the stage one pipes fitted to the Maroon and Silver beauty it sounds as good as it goes.
The paint, fit and finish on this unit are all absolutely first class, so is the abundant chrome and the latest incarnation of Indian’s switchgear is a marked improvement. It’s also the little things, like the outstandingly good rear view mirrors, to the central locking hard bags, to the brilliant headlights that make this machine a joy to be aboard.
The ride home with that westerly up the tailpipes was one worth bottling.
The photo shoot went really well too. It will make for a good article if you have any interest in Side Cars.
Also big thanks to Scott. If you are out near Upper Flagstone, it’s very well worth the stop. The hosts are great, the food in ‘The Barn’ is very good - and you get plenty of it. The Garage Museum is interesting and it’s a great place for a bike photo.