H-D Street Bob Special Edition

I put on my Heavy Duty Magazine kit, headed in to Morgan & Wacker Harley-Davidson and picked up HD-A’s Street Bob press bike this morning.
To quote the sage Ren & Stimpy: ‘Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy’ it turns out it is finished in Black Denim – or exactly what I predicted it wouldn’t be - and is the Street Bob Special Edition.
The SE runs the same ‘drag-V’ handlebars on risers as the Fat Bob - in lieu of the Mini Apes on the Standard Robert. It also has Mag wheels instead of spoked, a passenger seat and rear pegs as well as forward controls, rather than the mid foot mounts of the standard. Some of which takes it away from the ‘pared down bobber’ of the Standard’s advertising copy and to my eye isn’t quite as aesthetically pleasing, but the difference is in the way it rides.
I find the SE’s saddle more comfortable than even the Fat Bob’s bolstered unit and the flatter bars and peg position are better suited to a taller rider. This is a VERY comfortable motorcycle – even for the larger gentleman.
First impressions were the bike seems to be a cross between a Standard Street Bob, A Fat Bob and a Wide Glide – or parts thereof.
Although the handling and ‘chuckability’ seem more in line with the Fat Bob, which is the best handling of all the big block Harleys. The next two and a bit weeks will give a better indication there.

2 matte black test bikes in a row, night photography challenge - accepted.
Watch this space.