Go Pro ooops!

One of the many great quotes attributed to Ansell Adams, the doyen and pioneer of landscape photography is, “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” 

Any serious shutterbug can relate. 

This also applies relatively when shaking down or coming to grips with new imaging kit. 

So it was today. 

I put on my chest harness with a new, fully juiced Go Pro Hero 10 Black and set about a trial run. It has been fitted with the Max Lens Mod, Media mod, upgraded (Alu) mounting system and funky screen protectors because … well … I’m a camera geek. 

For its first motorcycle vlogging test I hopped on the Sportster S Press Bike and headed for Gasoline Alley, recording my thoughts and first impressions of the bike as I rode to the dealership. 

Mainly to see if I had it set up right. 

I didn’t. 

Firstly, the horizon lock settings available with the lens mod are counter-intuitive. You have to turn it off to work. It’s a great feature where no matter what angle the camera is mounted at – it shoots level. But … lesson 1. 

Lesson 2 is that it is very easy when controlling/starting the camera from the app on the phone to switch from standard video mode to ‘hyper lapse’ mode. 

So here’s 30 minutes of considered waffling opinions on the bike reduced to 39 seconds without sound. 

Those that know me will recognise one of my favourite platitudes too: Experience is a good school … but the fees are high! Live an’ learn. 

Next effort will be good. It’s a beaut piece of kit – just need some 'larnin’'!


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