Call me an Ōto Rēsu fan

Auto Race (オートレース, Ōto Rēsu) is a Japanese version of flat track motorcycle racing held on asphalt courses throughout Asia - and is predominantly a gambling sport. Think 'horse racing with 600cc'.

The format came about because flat track dirt surfaces were banned by the government in the 1960s as they were considered too dangerous. Go figure!

Auto Race competitions usually involve eight riders and runs for six laps. Obviously the tarmac surface dictates riders lean round the corners, rather than slide as in conventional Speedway. 

A typical Auto Race bike is 599cc, very narrow, has a two-speed gearbox, no brakes and is designed with the left handlebar higher than the right. 

The riders also wear Gladiator-style body armour suits that look like Motocross meets NFL - and from some of the spills it looks entirely apt. 

There's a whole lot of rules to combat corruption too - like the riders all live in dormitories prior to racing, because organised crime took over the sport at one stage. 

Anyway, I think it was George Carlin who did a 'bit' about listening to a game of Baseball on a Mexican Radio station. Although he didn't speak Spanish, he understood everything that was going on simply from the tone of the commentator and the effects mic. Or to quote Wall of Voodoo - The 'talkbeat' of the DJ.

Same thing here - you don't have to understand Japanese to get the gist!

I'll have $5 on the bloke in green.


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