Dark Horse - Stage 2

The guys from Indian Motorcycles in Brisbane said ‘We think you’ll like this one even better, Dave when they told me that we were going to swap over Dark Horse demo bikes.

I’d started the week on a shop bike that had a few extras fitted. Ape hangers and a set of pretty loud Freedom exhausts, a filter and apart from that was stock.

The ‘replacement’ unit was also a shop demo, with stock handlebars, but had been fitted with the stage 2 cams that Indian currently have on special.
The difference was very noticeable and very, very enjoyable.

The cams take what is already a very accomplished cruiser to the next level.

The current advertised offer will supply and install a set of stage 2 cams into a new Dark Horse for around $A1250. You’d also have to add a set of pipes at around, a high flow filter and it would need a tuner.

All up the package is around $A3,500 fitted. But what a difference it makes.

Open road riding and touring were also enhanced with the improved power and torque from the upgrade.

I think that if I was not only a Dark Horse owner, but any stock Thunderstroke rider, I’d be having a word to my Indian Dealer soon.