Surf City Garage Products

With a few days to go before the Heavy Duty Motorcycles Show and Shine here's a reminder of some of the excellent Surf City Garage products they have in stock.

Like most of us, I’ve always referred to the juice that makes a person want to keep a show bike 'showy' as ‘Elbow Grease’.

I’m not as fastidious as some of my pals (are you reading this Brian?), but I like to keep my stuff tidy. Machines operate more efficiently and it’s easier to diagnose a malfunction if they are clean. That's my theory anyway.

Then the guys at Rollies set me up with a sampler kit of Surf City Garage products and I have used them on project bikes, my 14 year old Jeep and the Co-pilot's Merc. All have come up brilliantly. Literally.

I'm now a complete convert.

The Products

Pacific Blue Wash and Wax. RRP $14.

‘Super concentrated’ according to the instructions. If the paint it in good order you can probably get away with just using this product. Soft towel it dry and it certainly won’t detract from an existing shine job. Fourteen bucks will last a while – the packaging claims 30+ washes to the bottle and a ‘scratch free’ clean. It’s got the hard wax. It worked well.


Barrier Reef Carnauba Liquid Wax Kit. RRP: $34.00

For me this is one of the stand-out products I have tested. It’s not only the brilliant, deep finish produced; it’s the ease of finishing it. On the bike it is easy to apply with the pad included in the kit. After giving it a few minutes to dry, it is remarkably easy to remove. Truly wipe on – wipe off. With the expenditure required with this product – the Elbow Grease will outlast my time with the bike.
I used the electric polisher to apply to the Jeep and was again impressed by the ease of bringing up a quality finish.

Speed Demon Wax Detailer RRP: $19.00

For in between washes this stuff is brilliant. ‘Advanced Particle Suspension’ protects paint from scratching and after buffing dry the bike looks like it’s just had the full-shizzle liquid wax treatment.

Beyond Steel Wheel Cleaner RRP: $15.00

I used this on the Jeep and the Mercedes and it does what it claims to do on the packaging. Cleans the wheels. The Merc’s mag wheels were pretty dirty and needed a bit of help with a brush to get the worst of the caked on disc dust off. The bike’s wheels are well enough enclosed to not need attention just yet.

Killer Chrome Perfect Polish RRP: $19.00

Non-abrasive, yet will deal to surface rust and oxidisation. I found it very easy to apply to the acres of chrome on the Bull. It’s also very easy to finish and the mirror shine it puts on the chrome is as good as any product I’ve used.
Again, the beauty of the product is how easy it is to remove.

Dash Away Interior Detailer RRP: $15.00

Another new favourite. Apply this product to the Dash Board (naturally) and other non-metallic finishes. It cleaned and renovated the kick marks on the saddle and backrest WITHOUT making them at all slippery. Good for grips and footboard rubbers and plastic infill panels. It restores to ‘as new’ condition.

After application, the bike and cars looks fabulous, the products were very easy to use/remove and the pricing is pretty keen. And they encourage Elbow Grease.

I've always had favourite products for these jobs. I now have some new ones.

There is more info at Rollies or the Surf City Garage site features videos, application tips and more detailed product information.

If your local auto-care outlet doesn’t have the Surf City Range, tell them to call Rollies & get it.
To find your nearest stockist visit: