Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe

Stunning looking machine or what!

I've been enjoying the cruise immensely. Probably the most 'beautiful' bike I've tested. It has amazing paint - genuine H-D, Color Shop® Limited Series.

The style is called “Epidemic”.

 Limited paint is usually only supplied to 200-300 kits worldwide - and are individually numbered. This unit is #4 0f 200.

At each H-D dealer show, new kits are released. The RRP for the kit is a shade under $AU3,500 (NZD$4,600). The RRP’s are pretty much around the ballpark with all model families.

 The bike is an excellent cruiser. It's not fast, but the 103 cube engine is very strong and un-fussed. Not as vibration free as the Touring Chassis units, but still very pleasant to sit back and watch the world roll by, reflected in perfect chrome and vivid paint.