Brisbane HOG Ride

It’s great being a motorcycle writer. I get to experience many different bikes and riding groups.

This time I was fortunate enough to be invited along on the Brisbane HOG Chapter’s Monthly ride - just before I had to return the Road Glide Custom Press Bike.

A large contingent of stunning machines and a very happy crew were already at local dealer and ride assembly point, Morgan & Wacker, by the time I got there.

After registrations and a quick chat the ride briefings got under way. The new members were in the ‘Green’ group and the experienced hands led the way.

I have to say I was made feel very welcome by everyone I talked to. These are keen motorcycle enthusiasts and they have a great time together.

Morning formalities concluded, it was time to mount up and hit the road.

Once under way the group travelled in an orderly fashion, with designated riders stopping and indicating all the turn-offs, as we made our way along an assortment of freeways and main roads winding our way northwest from Brisbane and out to our morning tea stop at the Dayboro showgrounds.

After a drinks break it was on towards a fuel stop at Nambour via some fantastic hill country around Mt Mee.

The beautiful and occasionally very twisty roads were mixed with riding through the magnificent green countryside on the plateaus and southern reaches of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. We wound our was north to our lunch stop and a very nice steak burger and more motorcycle conversation at the Pub in Kenilworth.

From there it was more hill country riding and fascinating roads as we headed back towards the Glasshouse Mountain district and a farewell stop at Landsborough.

Prize draws and details of the next ride followed.

It was an outstanding day, superbly run and organised, with emphasis on safety and getting everyone home in one piece.

It was warm, with the temps nudging the mid 30’s centigrade, but I’ll be sure to take them up on their offer to tag along again.