10 Years in 20 Minutes

'BD and The Co-pilot's' wonderful adventure in NZ is coming to an end. A job offer too good to refuse will see us leave the Shakey Isles and return to our native Australia in September.

Since we arrived in late 2000, our time here has been simply amazing, from our early adventures with the Triumph RATs, to nearly ten years as contributors, correspondents and bike testers for Kiwi Rider Magazine. (Some of which will be continued from Australia - most of the new model releases are now held there).

I suspect there aren't many riders anywhere who've had it as good as me for the last decade - for which I thank everyone who made it so. It is a substantial list.

I've had the keys to just about every dream bike I desired and a paradise to ride them in. Pinch me.

Some Kiwi's don't realise exactly how good they have it here - and there's plenty who do too. It's been a priveledge to share it. At the risk of sounding like Baz Luhrman's 'Sunscreen'; every motorcyclist should live in New Zealand once.

Hell of a ride.

Thanks for visiting my site, there's still more to be written on the NZ pages yet, and a new chapter from sub-tropical Queensland is story-boarding right now.

I'm sad to leave, it's been so grand, yet we're both invigorated by the prospect of a change and the opportunity to freelance for a number of new publications.