BMW HP2 Megamoto

The HP2 is my number one.
In answer to the question I'm asked quite often is....the HP2 Megamoto is my favourite of all the bikes I've tested. 

It has 113 usable ponies and 115Nm of torque in a package that weighs 179kg dry. It hauls. It also has the lightest front end of any big motorcycle I've tested, truly feather light steering.

When all that is combined with the excellent stability afforded by the 1,615mm wheelbase and the tubular steel space frame the adrenaline is not only about the acceleration - but the speed it
can carry into corners and the ease with which it negotiates them. 

It's a tall, big man's lump of a motorcycle, but it is impressively light and nimble to chuck around. It dares you to be extreme with it and it turns it all into a most rewarding experience.