Daelim Roadwin R 250 FI

The job started out with me ferrying a nice Moto Guzzi V7 out to the a Press Ride Day at Maraetai, Southeast of Auckland. After snapping a few shots of the Ed and RevsDaile on the test bikes we announced intentions of heading back to base.

‘Take that spare Daelim back to the warehouse for us will you Big Dave?’ Asked the Guzzi crew, amidst guffaws of ‘Oh! I have to see this!’

‘Sure thing, love to,’ I replied knowing that my 195cm was going to look rather comical on the 250. I even did a lap of the traffic island outside the venue before wringing its neck Auckland-bound.

I was imagining the angle for the story as I headed back, the long way, over Twilight road.

‘Grizzled journalist impressed by Korean upstart’, or something along those lines was how it was panning out. It turns out I was glad of the opportunity to ride the Daelim Roadwin R 250 FI. I rode it a fair way longer than I actually had to because I was rather enjoying riding it.

After getting back to town I did some errands and ran around town on it too.

‘Oh come on Dave’ said everyone incredulously when I tried to explain why.

It comes down to my oft repeated mantra; It’s more fun to ride a slow bike fast – than a fast bike slow, and I had a heap of fun pinning this unit through the first few gears.

The full story will be in an upcoming print edition, but some of the pics I reeled off are in the slide show above.

Here's the official Factory site or you can gave a look at the unit in the flesh at Motorad in Wellington, Woottons in New Lynn, Street and Sport in Christchurch and Anza in Palmerston North.

If you are in the 'under $6k new' market, it's quite nicely finished and well worth a look.